A Village Green – A Courtyard – A Marketplace

17 July 2019
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A Village Green – A Courtyard – A Marketplace

The shops at Sea Pines Center are arranged around a courtyard or plaza, in the shade of palmetto trees and the sound of waterfall. The course of the island sun paints a different picture every hour of the day.

Wrapped around this oasis are the shops and services that make it possible for Sea Pines visitors and residents to get what they need, enjoy what they wish, discover what they want – all without departing from the dream designed so carefully in Sea Pines Plantation, the original, ground-breaking plan of a community for living graciously.

The desire for a place like this seems to be deep within us as human beings. Light, air, privacy, security and tranquility are just a few of the reasons people have been gathering in places like The Shops at Sea Pines Center from the beginnings of civilization. Architects point to the first example eight thousand years ago.

Perhaps that explains in part why The Shops at Sea Pines Center have become a gathering place – for shopping, yes, and also for rendezvous, refreshments or repose – in the heart of Sea Pines Plantation.


Choosing a site midway between Harbour Town and the beach, Sea Pines Founder Charles Fraser envisioned a forum. A place where people meet to shop, to talk, to enjoy, has been built into town plans since Roman times as a necessary part of refined civilization. Fraser made such a place a priority.

But how do you encourage people’s need to gather when they are already in paradise? From the beginning, The Shops at Sea Pines Center have included stores and services that were instinctive, even unique. Since the beginning, visitors to Sea Pines have included the most experienced and accomplished travelers, so satisfying them has bred a culture of world-class offerings, services, consideration and courtesy. A few of the shops have been here for generations.

Adding an unmatched atmosphere to surround those shops has been the other indenture for success for the Shops at Sea Pines Center. Every sense is gently engaged, from the warmth of the sun, the cool of the shade, to the mellow colors of coastal decor, to the scent of semi-tropical flora and the sound of falling water. Even people who’ve lived in Sea Pines for decades come here just to stroll and peruse.


Enhancing the Shops at Sea Pines Center is a continual endeavor. Tastes change; standards rise. Taking its place alongside the high-profile updates in accommodations, golf and beach facilities throughout Sea Pines Plantation, the Shops at Sea Pines Center has invested well in a new main entrance, new landscaping and architectural appointments.

A Farmers’ Market every Tuesday, where fresh produce, art, and handmade keepsakes are offered in open-air ambiance, is just one example of the goings on here that interest and engage visitors and residents alike.

Continually evolving and enhancing, the attraction of The Shops at Sea Pines Center still remains consistent and reliable. And no two days are ever the same.

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