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Get your fresh produce at Tuesday’s Farmers & Makers Market!

At Will’s Lowcountry Produce tent: Golden zucchini, Persian and pickling cucumbers,Malibu beans, mountain grown strawberries, bi-color corn, okra, and tomatoes.

At Martha’s Lowcountry Produce tent: Heirloom tomatoes, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, pickle cucumbers, green bell peppers, white bell peppers, purple bell peppers, local corn, strawberries, blackberries, baked goods, tomato pies, and strawberry shortcake.

Fresh-off-the-boat seafood Tuesday!

Local 21/25 shrimp will be in the Tuesday coolers at the Lowcountry Produce seafood tent. Fishing Vessel Sea Angel has a great catch of local mahi-mahi. Grouper/snapper boats are out fishing, which means we will have snapper, flounder, and Scottish salmon, too. The lunch special will be a seafood platter.

Just in time for a bright summer

Sand dune fence American Flags. Perfect wall art for your beach cottage. Available framed or unframed, this American art has the right scale and is handmade. Hugh Gordon from Atlanta with a family cottage in Sea Pines brings them to Hilton Head Island. Made by Hugh during the pandemic, they are a poignant reminder of all the good our flag represents.