Sometimes a visitor will notice how extra nice it can be just to fill up the car at Plantation Station. The attention and courtesy they experience, the welcome they feel, seems to come from a gentler time. Then, when they discover some of the best fried chicken in the South, or that a selection of wines that they’d never expect to glimpse at a gas station is right there, too, then first-timers realize this is not like any place else they’ve ever been.

Morbi vitae purus dictum, ultrices tellus in, gravida lectus.

Here among The Shops at Sea Pines Center, we are accustomed to it. Still, we hope we never grow to take it for granted. The way we do things here is a result of how the place was planned, surely, yet even more it is because from the beginning, the people who came here were folks who could go anywhere.

High Standards Come Naturally

The people who settled in Sea Pines had seen a thing or two. Whether as a permanent home, a seasonal or vacation residence, Sea Pines owners self-selected from among people whose careers had afforded them a great many options. A lot of people who could have lived anywhere chose to live right here.

With these experienced residents came some high standards, born from having sampled the best. Their preferences and the ways that sustain those preferences became the ways of life reflected today in the Sea Pines Resort and here in The Shops at Sea Pines Center. It’s not a flashy kind of wealth, but rather a sense of prosperity based on wisdom and awareness. The gentleness and good judgement that abound here make for good company.

Considerate by Design

This insight of combining elegance and access, evident throughout the Sea Pines Resort, is an example of what the world’s leading designers call “considerate design.” Today, good design is not for show, they say. “Old luxury” is what designers call the plush, overstuffed look of privilege seen in times past. The idea today is that design features reflect how carefully our needs and desires were considered.

The insights of knowing where something should be placed so it will come to hand easily, of understanding what we will want, and when, of anticipating what we will enjoy – this is the essence of considerate design. We are fortunate to have it built into The Shops at Sea Pines Center and to be surrounded by a masterpiece of this influence in the Sea Pines Resort.

We are indeed fortunate to be part of this story, here in The Shops at Sea Pines Center. From time to time, we hear someone refer to the center as the essence of those Sea Pines ways. We consider this the highest compliment and a benchmark we strive to live up to continually. Please join us here to enjoy this rare sense of courtesy and consideration and to help us pass it on.