Preparing to celebrate Valentine’s Day brings up some thoughts we would like to share, from The Shops at Sea Pines Center. No matter which approach you take to this holiday of the heart, we are unusually well qualified to help.

Morbi vitae purus dictum, ultrices tellus in, gravida lectus.

From precious stones and designer jewelry, curated by a family of Sea Pines jewelers who have practiced their craft here for generations; to a whimsical bit of home décor that can remind your loved one that she is constantly in your thoughts, at home or away; to a romantic dinner for two; or even with pizza for the whole gang, to lighten both the mood and the day’s workload for a busy family – The Shops at Sea Pines Center can make your remembrance extraordinary.

Having it Both Ways

The ancient idea of celebrating the out-of-body sensation that love can bring is symbolized by the image of the imp, Cupid. Armed with an arrow, piercing the veil of the ordinary is part of what we celebrate. In this spirit, the specialness of the relationships we choose to mark with valentines would appear to be the main idea.

On the other hand, we remember the grade-school custom of preparing a little valentine for every classmate. We recall the inexpensive valentines that came by the dozen from the five-and-dime – or more recently perhaps from a big-box store. That kind of universal Valentine’s Day has a warm place in memory, too.

Capturing the spirit of Valentine’s Day in both ways – the unique and the universal – is not at all impractical when you visit The Shops at Sea Pines Center.

An Inspiring Setting

We rediscovered the usefulness of a certain term, a few years ago, as we planned for reminding residents and visitors alike that The Shops at Sea Pines Center was always intended to be a place where interesting things happen. The term was “plaza.” The gorgeous central space here, shaded by palms and glowing with an ever-changing kiss of sunlight, was intended to be a plaza. We used to call it a courtyard. Turns out that wasn’t exactly right.

Here we see long-time Sea Pines residents catching up with each other and sharing the latest local news. We see seasonal residents reconnecting after being away for a while. We see visitors and guests chatting, to see what’s going on this week, what things they could take part in, and enjoy.

A Part of Human Nature

It’s the kind of thing that communities have provided as far back in history as it is possible to see. In every ancient village there was a well, or a granary, or a grindstone where people got together in the normal course of their week. In every town, there was a courthouse square, a Main Street, or a Church Street that brought people together. In every city there was a forum, or marketplace – or plaza – where the things that people knew converged to become common knowledge, the shared ideas that make a community.

These places became the heart of town, because of what people shared when they got together there. As we prepare here to help you celebrate the holiday of the heart, we are thankful that we inherited this role.