A real estate pro who’s seen a wide sweep of Hilton Head history, George Flathmann of Lighthouse Realty, mentioned that people who settle down here are a little different.

Morbi vitae purus dictum, ultrices tellus in, gravida lectus.

Our neighbors are mostly people who could have chosen to live anywhere,” George said. “Matter of fact, a lot of them have been everywhere, and even with that, they decided on Hilton Head Island.”

What makes this the preferred place of people who have had their choice of the best?

Saving Our Wonder for the Here and Now

One quality shared by many folks who’ve “seen it all” is that they don’t spend a lot of time wondering if they might be missing out. Experience, in the right hands, brings a kind of peace – you don’t walk around wondering if you might have missed something. You’ve seen what kind of green is the grass on the other side of the fence. With a broader base of experience, folks also get a better idea of exactly what it is that they want.

Passage of time, and travel to places, will not by themselves add up to this perspective. Clarity seems to arrive in response to taking action and paying attention to what happens when we leave our comfort zones. Making up our minds too fast can lead to narrow views, because new experiences don’t always – or instantly – feel right. They’re new.

Our neighbors here in Sea Pines tend to be the ones who gave the “new” a chance often enough to know for sure what they wanted to keep, and what they wanted to have more of, in their lives.

The Center of the Dream

When you’re not concerned with missing out, the here and now gleams brighter. What’s closer to home is what you like because you had the benefit of making an informed choice in the first place. In Sea Pines, our founders showed an uncommon understanding of this, of what would be attractive, of what those choices would be, when made by the best-informed.

Staying focused on the things you enjoy – that’s a principle you can see in action right here in The Shops at Sea Pines Center. Even as they placed an elegant shopping destination between the Yacht Basin and the beach, they recognized that convenience plays a big part in luxury.

And so, nestled among the shops, arrayed around the plaza, you’ll find a Post Office and a gas station, a range of restaurants that can delight the whole family – a gourmet grocery and a liquor store with personality for the grownups – a book store, a bike shop, and a bank – although the vault now protects fine wines. It’s a place for shopping, yes. It’s for the good life, too.