There’s a luscious luxury in these Lowcountry days of summer. Days last long and offer a warm welcome to every idea we have for how to spend them. The tawny, palm-shaded plaza of The Shops at Sea Pines Center was designed to offer the perfect setting for sifting gently through your preferences. The sun seems to linger in its own effort to relish every minute, changing the palette of light and shade as it goes.

Morbi vitae purus dictum, ultrices tellus in, gravida lectus.

As a result, one thing that people chat about here is what time of day is the most beautiful. As the sparkling sound of falling water frames the background for quiet conversation and the sun slowly traces its course, changing the palette of light and shade as it goes, folks discuss their favorite form of light in this oasis.

To Pick a Favorite

Lucky Sea Pines residents and experienced vacationers talk about their favorite moments. Some make mornings at C’est Bon or Lowcountry Produce a regular part of their day or week, for gourmet coffees or delectable dishes grown from the region. Sometimes the desire to make this place their own prompts people to get down to business in the mid-morning at Lighthouse Realty.

If active kids are part of the home or the vacation, then biking away from the Peddling Pelican on our lovely Sea Pines trails, followed by pizza at Giuseppi’s or burgers and tacos at Chow Daddy’s offer your choice of ways to see the young ones happy and give them memories at the same time.

For the Two of Us

Grownups, on the other hand, find plenty of tranquility in the plaza, browsing books or art during lazy afternoons at By Hand, Ink or VIVID Gallery. A salon treatment at Le Spa or maybe sampling a taste of regional moonshine at Sea Pines Liquor are a couple of other options for relaxing into the Lowcountry pace.

Any time is a good time for feeling welcome at shops like Palmettoes, Pyramids, or The Back Door, where inside advice on what’s going on that’s fun on America’s favorite island comes with or without a purchase. Marking memories that last a lifetime is the particular talent of Forsythe Jewelers.

When the Time is All Yours

In midsummer, the sun seems to pause for a while, and four o’clock feels as if it lasts forever. The favorite hour for many of us comes a bit later before sunset. The time that the French call l’heure du berger – the hour of the shepherd, when flocks come home – is among the most beautiful in the plaza. That’s when the plaza itself seem to glow.

Reds and oranges and cerulean blues blossom in the sky of the west. And in the plaza, Truffles Café sparkles as it has for generations, with a dining experience that is quintessentially Sea Pines.

Whatever time of day becomes your favorite at The Shops at Sea Pines Center, we’re glad to welcome you, and grateful you made this feeling one of the things people love about Hilton Head Island.