There’s an art exhibit waiting just about any day of the year in the Shops at Sea Pines Center, because that’s where The Artists of Sea Pines make their home. It’s one of the reasons people come here for the pure enjoyment of it.

Morbi vitae purus dictum, ultrices tellus in, gravida lectus.

The Artists of Sea Pines offer not just a browse through a gallery, but also a connection with the work of neighbors and fellow Sea Pines residents – people who mostly started as visitors and decided to make Hilton Head Island their home. In a lot of cases, the chance to discover the artist within them came from their move to Sea Pines.

Rosemary Kimball formed the group in April 2012 with 35 Sea Pines artists. The artists enjoy the chance to learn from each other, exhibit their works, and socialize over the subject they love. Today, 55 Sea Pines artists are active in The Artists of Sea Pines.

A Magnetic Location

“Being situated here in Sea Pines Center is the meeting place for lots of other clubs and social groups,” Rosemary said. “We have a new exhibit every four months with a reception where guests come to meet and socialize and sometimes even buy a painting at a great price.”

The Women’s Club of Sea Pines is one of those organizations that also gathers at the Community Center. Or, rather, it is several of those organizations, since the Women’s Club encompasses many interest groups that meet here, such as bridge clubs, biking, golf, mah jongg, and even line dancing. Their book club maintains a small library at the center.

The Artists of Sea Pines exhibit in the CSA Community Center is usually open from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. daily, but has been closed because of the coronavirus pandemic. Plans for re-opening the Community Center are anticipated soon.

A Natural Beneficiary

From the beginning, the members of the Artists of Sea Pines have contributed support for the Sea Pines Forest Preserve. Ten percent of artists’ sales go to the Forest Preserve, and the Artists of Sea Pines also donate paintings for the silent auction at the Forest Preserve Bonfire fundraiser held in the fall.

“Giving back seems like the least we can do,” Rosemary said, “because a lot of us didn’t have the chance to take up painting or photography until we moved here. Now that we’re here, our natural surroundings, such as the Forest Preserve, provide a lot of inspiration for our art.”

Though a few members are lifelong professionals, many of the Artists of Sea Pines began with classes at the Hilton Head Art League Academy, just beyond the gate on Cordillo Parkway.

“All in all, Sea Pines is a great place to practice our art. We are awfully thankful to live in such a beautiful and interesting place,” Rosemary said, “and we’re glad to call The Shops at Sea Pines Center home.”