With the annual celebration of good living known as Wine Fest – the Hilton Head Wine and Food Festival – holding its keynote Sip and Stroll in the plaza of The Shops at Sea Pines Center again this year, a national audience of folks who seek out the finer things will gather here once more with a richness of choices for where to snack and dine that even the great cities of the world are hard-pressed to surpass.

Morbi vitae purus dictum, ultrices tellus in, gravida lectus.

When people discover that you live on Hilton Head Island, the second thing they ask about after golf is often, “What are your favorite restaurants?” With more than 250 restaurants to choose from, including everything from authentic coastal cuisine to French, Italian, Japanese, and Irish pub fare to traditional American classics, Hilton Head restaurants have earned us a reputation for being a kind of foodie’s paradise. The answer, for locals, can be unexpected.

So Many, So Near

Knowing there are so many restaurants to choose from, friends from elsewhere seem to think we eat at a different restaurant practically every night. It is true that dining out is a kind of local pastime, yet it seems that no one could ever keep up with the pace if we were to try a different restaurant every night.

What happens instead is that locals tend to have five or six Hilton Head Island restaurants on their short list at any given time. The pleasures of being known when you arrive and of having favorites on the menu are part of what people enjoy. Every year or so, one or two restaurants from this handful will be replaced or refreshed, as we continue to hear great things about another Hilton Head Island restaurant and decide to give it a try.

Like a Bouquet

Any family, any group of friends, any couple in love can find a restaurant right here in The Shops at Sea Pines center to suit their mood, the time of day, the occasion, or their intended atmosphere. From espresso and a croissant at C’est Bon to a hearty breakfast at Lowcountry Produce to fresh, locally sourced lunch dishes at Chow Daddy’s to afternoon pizza at Giuseppi’s for the children who may be famished from their own version of exploring America’s favorite vacation island, or the beaches nearby to a grownup dinner at Truffles Café in an atmosphere that has been the favorite of locals for generations, there is a restaurant right here in The Shops at Sea Pines Center that is truly a memory in the making.

Like a bouquet, the Hilton Head Island restaurants arranged among The Shops at Sea Pines Center grew locally and thrived. Placed as they are in the center of what many folks find best about their visit – or their home – they are waiting to welcome you.