The 2021 Farmers & Makers Market celebrates the blossoming of life outside the home, here in Sea Pines, with sensible precautions. A springtime celebration, the return of The Farmers & Makers Market has never been more welcome than it is this year. Beginning its eighth season in The Shops at Sea Pines Center, the Market presents more fresh, local produce, more seafood, more breads and cheeses, and more crafts and artisans than ever before.

Morbi vitae purus dictum, ultrices tellus in, gravida lectus.

“March Rise,” by Michael Neiderer.

Market hosts Campbell Thorp and Noel Garrett, of Lowcountry Produce, conferred in the off-season with more than 24 growers, producers, exhibitors, and artisans to discover what could make this year’s Farmers & Makers Market even more worthwhile. Their response provided not only good guidance, but also more interest from growers and exhibitors.

The results will play out in colorful displays that change each week as the season flourishes. More than ever, the Farmers & Makers Market offers a charming, weekly festival in the colorful plaza of The Shops at Sea Pines Center, where people shop fresh, shop local, and compare notes on what’s going on of interest, on our lovely island.

Flourishing More and More

It’s the nature of a Farmers Market that the things the earth provides make each and every week a little different. Even residents and visitors who wouldn’t miss a Tuesday in the sun-caressed plaza of The Shops at Sea Pines Center see a different bouquet of abundance, a different display of colors and fresh textures every time.

Our growers keep us posted each week about what we can expect. This natural progress through the growing season, this change of scenes as each new crop makes its appearance, offers a kind of fun that never gets old.

Familiar Favorites and New Friends

The 2021 lineup of growers and artisans embraces all that’s comfortable about old friends and all that’s fascinating about new ones, and the things we learn from them. Yes, lore is as much a part of the Farmers & Makers Market as produce. Nearly every selection comes with a story, and this plays a big part in what people find so attractive.

The inviting colors of fresh, local produce, and helpful or decorative handmade objects are only the beginning.  The Farmers & Makers Market offers visitors and residents alike a place to connect with community as well as with nature.

Join us here in the plaza, won’t you? Beginning March 16 and every Tuesday until fall, the Farmers & Makers Market offers more fresh, local produce, more seafood, more breads and cheeses, more crafts, and more artisans. We’re working harder than ever to make your visit one you’ll remember with pleasure and share with pride.